The History of Balinese Massage Treatment

The existence of Balinese massage has been known since hundreds of years ago and it mentioned on well – preserved ancient Balinese manuscripts. Balinese massage is one of Balinese healing treatments which is inspired by techniques from various cultures.

A strong influence comes from classical Hindu medical science based on Ayurvedic texts. Over a thousand years ago, merchant ships regularly traveled through the Spice Island which is now called Indonesia. Hindus from India brought healing massage techniques and oil massage as well as herbal treatments. From China, came the influence of acupressure techniques brought by the Buddhist.

During the Majapahit reign in Indonesia from 500 – 1500 AD, many beauty treatments were developed in the palaces of central Jave for the royal family. Besides healing massage, techniques were developed for relaxation and beauty and beauty purposes during this time. When islamic conversion of royalty moved to east java and Bali from 1478 – 1520 bringing their knowledge and culture with them.

Traditionally, massage in Java is performed by a woman and in Bali by a man. Although massage in Java is often used for healing, it is also performed for relaxation and beautification. However, in Bali massage was used only for healing, today as tourism began to grow, massage for relaxation was introduced. Some Swedish massage techiques have been introduced to the Balinese Massage.


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